1. Create account

    - Download the free app (from App Store or Google Play);
    - Open the app and allow location sharing for the app;
    - Change the language at the bottom of the screen to ENG;
    - Press Login;
    - Press Register;
    - Select your area by pressing on your County and then Parish;
    - Select the topics that you are interested in;
    - Enter your information (Birthday, First name, Last name; User name; e-mail; Password) NB! The password has to be at least eight symbols and include letters and numbers;
    - Agree to the privacy policy and user terms and conditions;
    - And press register.

  2. Choose an event

    - Click on the event button and find an event that you might like.

    NB! You will see events that are within 50 kilometers of your location. If you wish to see other events you can manually search change your location in the menu bar by looking at other counties.  

    - To like the event and save it for later, you can:
    in the events list push the event to the right;
    in the events detail view press the paw to make it yellow;
    NB! Liking the event does not mean that you are registered to the event!

    - To register to an event you have to:
    press on the button "wish to participate";
    fill in the contact information;
    press the register button.

  3. Participate in an event

    The organizer will provide a QR code at the event. Scan it with the Infohunt app (the icon is on the top right side).
    You can also register if you ask the organizer to sign you up manually.

    This will ensure that you have gathered the points from this event.

  4. Give feedback

    Find the event that you went to in the app.
    Give feedback by:

    giving points to the event (from 1-5 paws);
    add a comment.

     NB! You can give feedback to the event for five days after the event

    You will receive one point for feedback. The feedback is visible to the event organizer.

  5. Choose a prize

    choose a prize from the awards tab.

    items will be available at your places and the virtual ones can be sent to you e-mail.

    Pick up your prize within three weeks.

    NB! Every area has different prizes. Once you have chosen your prize you cannot get the points back. Even if you don't pick up your prize.

    To get your prize on e-mail - make sure that the contact info is correct. You will receive a conformation e-mail once the prize has been chosen.

    NB! You can only view your prizes once you have logged in.

    To get additional points participate in events and leave feedback.

    Your points will be available until 31.august each year. Make sure that you choose your prizes prior to that.